To celebrate our 10th anniversary and to open Oslo Innovation Week with a bang, we are gathering our members and the greater entrepreneurial community to a walk down memory lane and for a look ahead. But, most importantly, for a great celebration! We look forward to a fantastic evening! 

The startup scene has been transformed over the last ten years, and at the event, we will kick off our new Hall of Fame concept, where we honor some of the key individuals who have led the way as founders and ecosystem builders.

For Mesh, we are recommitting ourselves to the startup scene and our members and getting ready to scale our efforts and services. Our goal is to do a lot more for the startup scene in the coming ten years than we have been able to do so far. But before we go forward, let's look back – at times in the old backyard, at the first international success stories from the community, at the emotional ups and down we have all been through, and the unique stories that have made this community what it is. 

Capacity is limited – so sign up now! 

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Mesh 10-year anniversary // 26.09.22


Doors Open


Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Hundreds of key individuals have played an important role in the development of Mesh and the greater ecosystem we are a part of. However, a small group has gone above and beyond what can be expected, and it's our honor to induct a handful of these people into our Hall of Fame.

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Opening of Oslo Innovation Week

Oslo Innovation Week joins Mesh in its celebration to kick off the week in the best possible way.

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Festival Inspired Celebration

We have a series of artists, bars, and surprises set up to let everyone reconnect, celebrate or have a drink with old and new friends.

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The Ultimate Ping Pong Tournament

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The basement

JONAHH Concert

The Corner bar

Ping Pong Final + DJs in the Atrium

Ping Pong final with prize ceremony "Mesh style"!

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All who were part of the early days of Mesh (and Seeds) remember Leonardo and Marius, who ran our bars and booking. They have taken their talents far beyond the old backyard, and we are happy to have them back with us – DJ Goldshot will finish off the Night, and Marius Sommerfeldt will create a good ambiance throughout the evening.

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Mesh Youngstorget

Come as you are and stay as long as you want. We are greatly looking forward to welcoming our favorite members and community members for a night of memories, celebration, and recognition.

See you on the 26th of September!

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